Lambeth wins Sustainable Transport Borough award

Lambeth Borough Council have won the prestigious Sustainable Transport Borough of the Year award from Transport for London. TfL commended Lambeth on its work to promote sustainable transport and in particular its initiatives to promote alternatives to cars such as the ‘Love your legs’ campaign.

Lambeth Council love your legs poster on

Over the past year the number of school travel plans has increased in the borough from three to 27. The borough itself has taken a positive lead as an employer and compiled a travel plan for staff that impressed TfL.

Other initiatives such as the promotion of car clubs, cycle training and days such as the Bike for Fun day in Kennington Park were held up as examples of good practice in promoting sustainable transport.
Cabinet member for Environment and Culture Lib Peck, who attended our sustainable transport question time prior to the May elections, congratulated all the staff on this award which is as a result of their work over the past five plus years. We would like to think that Lambeth Cyclists has played a small role in the borough getting this award by our campaigning and gentle persuasion to promote sustainable transport.

Further information on Love Your Legs and links to information of workplace and school travel plans is available at

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