Lambeth Council Candidates debate cycling

Our April meeting (highlighted previously on the site) saw representatives of the main parties standing for election to Lambeth Borough Council debate the issues around sustainable transport in the borough.

We were joined by candidates Stuart Barr (Conservative Party), Duncan Law (Green Party), Lib Peck (Labour Party) and Andrew Sawdon (Liberal Democrats). The meeting was very ably chaired by John Stuart, long-standing friend of Lambeth Cyclists and transport activist.

All the candidates largely agreed on the necessity of encouraging more cycling in the borough and pledged to work to reduce the number of pot holes and improve cycle facilities. On questions such as expanding the number of 20mph zones, extending the congestion charge zone and working with Transport for London opinion was more divided. In particular Labour’s Lib Peck challenged the decisions the council had made or had failed to make on the Brixton central square scheme, Vauxhall and Brixton gyratories and their lack of leadership on transport issues.

As you are probably aware the election on 4 May 2006 resulted in Labour gaining 10 seats and control of Lambeth Borough Council: the balance of power now is Labour 39 seats (+10), Liberal Democrats 17 seats (-10), Conservatives 6 seats (-1) and Greens 1 seat. We in Lambeth Cyclists look forward to working with the new Council Executive on all cycling issues over the next four years.

The AGM meeting also saw the election of a new Management Committee for Lambeth Cyclists. In a tense election Philip Loy was re-elected as Borough Co-ordinator, Olivia Christopherson as Treasurer, Clare Neely as Council Liaison Officer, Luke Evans as newsletter editor and Janet Paske as Projects Officer.

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