Find out the future of transport in Lambeth – local elections question time 2006

On Thursday 4 May there are elections to Lambeth Borough Council.

In preparation for these we will holding a local election question time on Tuesday 18 April to find out the views of the parties standing in Lambeth on cycling and sustainable transport issues in the borough.

In particular we will be asking about cycle facilities and training, measures to promote safer cycling and the place cycling and other means of sustainable transport will have in their plans for the Borough Council.

We have invited all the parties and hope to have a good evening of debate. The meeting will be held at the Bread and Roses pub, Clapham Manor Street, SW4 on Tuesday 18 April starting at 8:30pm.

Local Elections 4 May 2006
The Lambeth Borough Council elections this year are being hotly contested – the Labour Party are hoping to make gains and get control of the council while the ruling Liberal Democrat–Conservative coalition are defending their position. Currently Labour has 29 seats on the Council, the Liberal Democrats 27 and the Conservatives seven so a gain of three or four seats by Labour or the Liberal Democrats could see the council change hands. In past elections low turnouts have been recorded for local elections across the borough so a few hundred people could determine the future political control of the Borough Council. It is vital that we question our candidates on cycling and sustainable transport issues and all use our votes. To check that you are registered and to find out details of your local polling station contact Lambeth Electoral Services on 020 7926 1000.

Lambeth Cyclists AGM 18 April
At our election question time meeting on 18 April we will also be holding our Annual General Meeting. At this we will elect a new Lambeth Cyclists Management Committee. The posts of Borough Coordinator (Chair), Treasurer and four or five other Management Committee posts covering areas such as communications, rides, council liaison and campaigning are up for election. If you would like to get involved in running Lambeth Cyclists put yourself at the AGM. The commitment isn’t huge –usually we have one informal committee meeting a month in addition to the regular Lambeth Cyclists meetings. To find out more about the Management Committee contact Borough Coordinator Philip Loy.

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