Cyclists condemned for ignoring red lights on Clapham Road

We have been contacted by concerned parents of children at Reay Primary School on Hackford Road, SW9 and asked for our help in stressing the importance of the need to always stop at red lights. The consequences for us as cyclists of not stopping at red lights are far reaching.

In the autumn term of 2005 four children at the school were hit by cyclists as they crossed Clapham Road at the traffic lights at the junction with Caldwell Road. Having carried out a cycle count on the junction at the start of the school day (between 8:40 and 8:55 every morning) the parents found that 60% of cyclists did not stop at the red lights. As a result of the collisions and disregard of the traffic law by cyclists parents are justifiably angry and have called on the Police to enforce this junction and hand out fines to cyclists crossing the red light.

Parents at the school will be campaigning on this issue in the week beginning 27 February 2006 and we will be offering our full support in this campaign against law breaking by cyclists. It is in all of our interests as cyclists from a public relations point of view that we comply with traffic law and always stop at junctions. Look out for further information about the campaign on our website or on the Lambeth Cyclists email group.

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