Lambeth Cyclists Architecture rides continue

The Henry Moore ride in Bike Week was one in a series of architecture rides that we are running. Each rides looks at the work of one architect -both modern and classical. We cycle around their best known works and appreciate the design touches that make them unique. All of the rides are leisurely cycles around some of London and the South East’s great buildings. You will discover bits of London and the surrounding area you didn’t know existed– with a city as large as London, with such diverse architecture there is always something new to find!

Our July ride took 11 of us out to the Kent Weald to look at some of the timber framed houses renowned in this area. We were again led by Benny O’Looney, who very kindly gave us the benefit of his architectural knowledge, and even managed to get us a view of the reverse side of a C15 hall house in Headcorn (someone’s home!). We had a lovely day, later on joined by the sun, cycling along country lanes, coming back from Appledore feeling relaxed and tired.

The next architecture ride will be on 20 August 2005 where we will be appreciating Nash’s legacy to the country – including Buckingham Palace, Waterloo Place, Regent’s Street and Regent’s Park where we will be having a picnic. After lunch we will be enjoying the many further housing developments around the Park. Although Nash was architecturally conservative, his town planning is important as it links up the Picturesque of the eighteenth century with the Garden City ideas of the twentieth.

In contrast September’s ride on Saturday 24 September 2005 will offer a ‘contemporary cut through London’ looking at what been happening over the last 10 years in architecture, whilst also demonstrating that the same problems have faced architects over the centuries. It will be led by Peter Murray, curator of an exhibition entitled The Changing Face of London which runs until 10 September at the NLA Space, 26 Store Street, London WC1E 7BT – further information at

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