Lambeth lips

Lambeth Cyclists are currently looking at the Lambeth Local Implementation Plan (LIP) The LIP is a document that each London borough has to write, laying out its transport strategy for the next decade in accordance with the requirements of the Mayor of London’s overall London Transport Strategy. We are going through the document to ensure that walking and cycling are kept at the forefront of transport considerations. This is no small undertaking but it is an important way for us to try and influence what happens for cyclists in the borough.

Another document we are looking at is the Lambeth Community Strategy – this is another long-term strategic document laying out Lambeth’s plan for tackling such issues as the environment, community safety, and sustainable and healthy communities. This is important for Lambeth Cyclists as many of the themes have strong interconnections with cycling. This is not only true of environmental issues but community safety as well.

Both documents are available at – if you would like to have an input to Lambeth Cyclists’ response please contact Borough Coordinator Philip Loy

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