Lambeth Cyclists in 2005

We have a full programme of meeting planned for 2005. This year we will be meeting on the third Tuesday of every month rather than the fourth as this will help with the logistics of producing the newsletter (allowing new events/ discussions raised at the meeting to be incorporated.)

Highlights of the year include
‘Love Your Bike’ 14 February 2005 – Our February meeting on Monday 14 February (instead of Tuesday 22 Feb owing to another booking at the pub) will have the theme of Love your bike. We hope to give out Lambeth Cyclists ‘valentine cards’ to passing cyclists in the morning at one of the major junctions in Lambeth to encourage them to come to the meeting and get involved. Watch out for further details on the website and email group.

April meetinsg hustings– in place of an April meeting we will hope to arrange an election hustings for the Vauxhall constituency parliamentary candidates (assuming the election is called as expected for 5 May). We are hoping to liaise with other environmental campaigning groups to broaden out the discussion of issues relevant to the Vauxhall constituency which includes Clapham, Kennington and Brixton as well as Vauxhall.

So far the candidates selected are: Kate Hoey (Labour), the sitting MP, who has expressed some strong views on cyclists’ behaviour in the press, Liberal Democrat Charles Anglin, a current Lambeth councillor (Princes ward), and Conservative Edward Heckels, a former Chair of the local Conservatives and candidate in the most recent council elections in Clapham Town ward. In addition we are expecting candidates from the Green, Social Alliance and UK Independence parties.

Tuesday 17 May – AGM – owing to the anticipated hustings meeting we will be holding our Annual General Meeting this year in May. We hope to have a representative from Lambeth Transport Department along to outline the latest cycling developments in the borough and get our feedback. We will also be holding elections to the Management Committee so if you would like to get involved in the running of the group now is your chance.

Saturday 11 – Sunday 19 June – Bike Week – we will be planning rides and other events for bike week at coming LCC meetings. It will be a mix of rides, regular events such as the bike to work, barbecue and commuter challenge. If you have any ideas for bike week events or rides do come along to one of the meetings or get in touch!

Saturday 17 – Sunday 18 July – Lambeth Country Show – we will have our usual stall at the show –‘South London’s premier summer event’- and welcome any ideas for different things we can do this year to attract attention and spread the cycling message.

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