Ride to London Recumbents bike hire

This was a short ride to Dulwich Park on a beautiful Sunday morning to try out some of the weird and wonderful bikes on offer from London Recumbents.

lambeth Cyclists at London Recumbants

We met at Clapham Common for a coffee first, and it was lucky we left a little late as a couple turned up with a Pennyfarthing, perfect for a ‘try a bike’ ride!

Eight of us met for the ride, including people who were involved with the Cycling for Women project and Tower Hamlets Wheelers.
The ride meandered through Brockwell Park and ended up at London Recumbents in Dulwich Park where we chose bikes to try out. These included a number of 2 and 3 wheeled recumbents, a tandem, and a ‘Giant’ semi-recumbent – easily the most comfortable and laid-back bike there!

Everyone had their favourite, I particularly liked the recumbent trikes. It was great to try something you thought you could never ride and then find yourself flying around the park with great abandon!

Lambeth Cyclists and penny farthing

We also got to try the Pennyfarthing. A couple were successful and a few were pony-led. We ended up at the cafe for lunch and then went our own ways.

I would recommend taking an afternoon to go down and try a recumbent, they are quite different to ride and lots of fun. Dulwich Park is traffic free, so a safe place to try bikes. The crew down there are really friendly and can help get you started on a bike if you haven’t ridden before. They also do a lot of work with people with disabilities, including taking children out on bikes who are visually impaired. — Ché
Thanks to Ché Sutherland for leading this ride. This was a women’s networks ride in partnership with the WDS Cycling for Women project.

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