Ride to Barnes Wetland Centre

Despite early brief showers we had a lovely sunny day for a visit to the Barnes Wetland Centre.

A small contingent from Southwark Cyclists met us for a very pleasant trip up the river, crossing Albert Bridge for a fascinating route on the north side of the river until Putney Bridge.

The Wetland Centre was interesting. My first time there, but others in the group who had been there before still enjoyed it. As well as ducks, we saw a couple of great crested grebes (I think!) and lots of ducklings and moorhen and coot chicks which were suitably ‘ooh-ed’ and ‘ahh-ed’ over… plus the Centre has excellent cycle parking, unlike any I have seen before!

Being seven in the group made for a perfect size to socialise, and we had two new faces. A nice day out had by all, and with a wonderful tail wind we were home in time for tea! — Ché.

Thanks to Ché Sutherland for leading the ride. This was a women’s networks ride in partnership with the WDS Cycling for Women project.

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